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When I started this whole mess, I never would’ve thought that it might blow up like it did. Our discord now counts over 1.000 members (from which only a fraction is really active though, sadly) and I’ve met a lot of great people along the way. Not only on discord but also during twitch streams and through youtube content. I’m not usually the type who participates in online communities, especially around multiplayer games, since things tend to get toxic real quick. But to my surprise, the active community around geotastic is super supportive, generous and generally consists of decent people…

Hey everyone! The community as large as never which is a great opportunity to test out how well the server performs with a huge lobby per game. That’s why where holding a get together on Saturday the 8th of May at 9PM CEST (7PM GMT) and try to fill up the lobby with as many players as possible.

The event will be coordinated via discord, so don’t hesitate to join if you’d like to participate. The more the merrier!

Since geotastic had it’s 50.000th user registration a few days back, I’d like explore some previously unexplored territory… detailed donation data!

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Since the release of geotastic (and some additional donations I received for montagsmaler-online) there have been 1.735 transactions towards keeping my service free for everyone and independent of any additional revenue streams like annoying ads. It’s still kinda strange how thinks worked out. I just jumped in head first without really planning anything of this. No idea if it will keep on working out, but it seems fine for now. But alas, you’re not here for that! …

Hey there, long time no see!

Things have been rather busy and I didn’t find a break to put out another dev log entry. Since the challenge mode went live in it’s second iteration earlier this week, I wanted to delve into some of the learnings I got out of the iterative approach.

The challenge details view has a lot of knobs to offer!

Built to be torn down

The challenge mode was rather interesting to plan and develop. Generally, it kinda works very similar to the usual game play loop. The difference is, that all results have to be saved and regurgitated again to create leader boards and other useful metadata. Every player can only…

One more week and February 2021 is basically done! Financially, the month looks as great as the weather today (19°, what the hell) and a lot has happened so far. Let’s dig right into it!

Join our Discord!

Get to the discord, now!
Get to the discord, now!
Get to the discord, now!

The biggest news is the evangelion of our little discord server. Since I wanted to open up the map editor for everyone to help place additional drops in countries that are yet too easy, I quickly cobbled together a little, cozy and free discord server. You can join us here. German, as well as English speaking people are welcome! I won’t be able to communicate…

I wanted to sum up some conclusions regarding the feedback I got from the release of the new drop system I got during the last week.

Rating and report system

Generally, the system seems to work as intended. I changed the rating system a bit because there were a lot of “bugged” reports of drops that were not bugged at all. The icon and color combination was a little misleading. My bad! After the change, the reports were a lot better and I was able to kill a lot of bugged drops.

Too easy for seasoned players

The second thing is, that I got feedback that people miss the…

After a LOT of work hours, I finally rolled out the curated drop system this morning and removed the old algorithms from the core.

What’s different know, you may ask? On first glance, not much has changed. The main difference is, that geotastic doesn’t depend on the radial search function of the street view service to find a relevant drop but picks a drop from a list of drops that were manually set up by me. …

It’s always good to know how many people use your application and how they go about using it. After implementing the new user system, I also added some means to log the amount of daily players as well as some statistics regarding local games. Let’s head right into the numbers!

Currently, I only got data on about 10 days, which spans two weekends. Firstly, we got the amount of finished local games in blue versus finished online games in green. And those numbers already surprised me. I didn’t think that so many people would play the local mode (either alone…

December ’20 is done and oh boy, what a month that was. A lot has happened during this period regarding development as well as operation of geotastic. But first things first:

Api costs of December 2020

Compared to November, this month’s total api usage increased by almost 600%, which correlates with the increase of daily players. If not for the huge support of the community, I wouldn’t be able to keep the service up at this point. So, a BIG thank you to all people who supported geotastic financially. You are the reason why it’s still alive and kicking in 2021.

Hey there! December is half gone and I’m really curious to see if we can set a new player record during the hot remote Christmas party season!

Until then, I’d like to explain how the two available random drop modes (“anything goes” and “near city regions”) work and how I intend to develop them further. So, strap yourself in!

Anything goes

This mode was the mode I implemented first when building the application. I wanted a solution that was easy to maintain and quick to ship. I also explained it a bit in the last blog entry “Why Germany sucks”. In a…

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