Community work and twitch

Photo by ELLA DON on Unsplash

When I started this whole mess, I never would’ve thought that it might blow up like it did. Our discord now counts over 1.000 members (from which only a fraction is really active though, sadly) and I’ve met a lot of great people along the way. Not only on discord but also during twitch streams and through youtube content. I’m not usually the type who participates in online communities, especially around multiplayer games, since things tend to get toxic real quick. But to my surprise, the active community around geotastic is super supportive, generous and generally consists of decent people of all ages. Let’s keep it that way, everyone :)

Aside from some youtube creators, I’m especially happy about the rising numbers around twitch streamers. Not only are the daily watched hours on an upward climb, it seems that those who stream geotastic tend to get more viewers than usual, especially smaller streamers benefit from that heavilly. Having implemented a streamer overview on the geotastic homepage AND a discord bot that announces new streams really helps a lot to get people together to play some rounds.

I wanted to share some insights on how the twitch numbers for geotastic currently look:

There’s a lot of smaller streamers with their own little communities who stream geotastic regularly and the number of such streamers increases by the week. Every once in a while, a bigger streamer stumbles upon the service and this results in visible peaks in terms of unique viewers:

Even after ignoring the spikes, the rise in daily unique viewers is prominent and correlates with the increase of daily streamed hours.

As a side effect, I’ve also added streaming to one of my many side interests. It’s not only fascinating from a technical standpoint (learning about and setting up hard- and software) but also a great way build upon the community from an additional perspective.

I’m really proud to see the community grow. Keep it up and see you all in the next stream :)

I love creating stuff, which includes art, software, games and music.