Hey everyone! Sorry for the long dev log break. I was rather busy and wanted to let the month go by to be able to judge the last months properly.

Good news…

Development of geotastic is still strong and I have a lot of fun working on it. There’s also a lot more coverage by bigger content creators and twitch streams with over 100 viewers are not a rare sight anymore. Just yesterday night, I was in disbelief as I saw that a polish streamer was playing with over 2.200 viewers. This is all great, BUT…

Bad news…

… June 2021 was the first month since the dawn of geotastic where the monthly donations did not fully cover the expenses. It was not by that much (roughly 350EUR) which I was able to cancel out with spillover of the past months. This is still an alarming development and I will have to keep a very keen eye on this month especially. If the trend continues, my hand will be forced to do something about it just by pure self preservation. It’s awesome that so many people have fun playing the game and it was my goal to make it accessible to everyone, even an audience that can’t afford a paid subscription model, but without financial support, this goal can’t be reached. I’m as transparent about that fact as I can be and everyone ought the be aware of that.


Let’s look into some numbers again!

Unique api connections separated by month

New user registrations per day

This is also a very interesting metric. I looked into those numbers before, but with a little different context.

Daily donations

The last diagram I want to share is the daily donations chart. Aside from the peaks, the mean donation amount is stagnant since last month, which can be seen easily by just looking at the bars.


So, as sad as it sounds, to keep the game free, I need more supporters from countries that can actually help the game financially to cover the additional expenses from players who can’t. That’s the reality of it all. If that doesn’t sort itself out, I’ll have to check additional measures.

I love creating stuff, which includes art, software, games and music.