Hey everyone! Sorry for the long dev log break. I was rather busy and wanted to let the month go by to be able to judge the last months properly.

Good news…

Bad news…


First of all, let’s check the unique api connections. This is a great metric to identify unique players starting or joining a game.

Unique api connections separated by month

This graph shows the amount of unique api connections per day since I started tracking them. The numbers are pretty stable and the weekly peaks are usually Fridays and/or Saturdays. Interestingly, the last month (June) experienced a drop of players. This might be due to the heat wave in Germany. A huge chunk of players are still from Germany the weather (or vacation time) will obviously impact the player numbers. The 14th of June is an interesting day as you can see in the graph. You’ll see why in the next sections.

Since two days, the numbers are exploding again, though. This will most likely be due to the coverage of some bigger Youtubers AND the huge polish streamer from last night. As you can see, the 1st of July is actually an all-time peak.

New user registrations per day

The bars show the total amount of new user registrations per day since January. The first few months look like a very healthy growth with a dip last month that mirrors the decrease in daily api connections. But then, there’s a huge explosion mid month. And another explosion just a few days ago. Those are directly tied to Youtube coverage.

The first peak was on the 14th of July. A Brazilian Youtuber uploaded a Video of him playing geotastic (over 180.000 views) , so there has been a huge influx of Brazilians playing the game since then. This was also very apparent, since the Discord was also literally flooded with Brazilian people. They now have their own Portuguese chit chat channel as well ;)

The second peak must be the coverage of another Youtuber. An Estonian who promoted the game as a free alternative to geoguessr. The video was put up on the 29th of July.

The impact of the polish streamer is not yet apparent (aside from blowing out my daily quota of course)

Daily donations

The last months before, the growth of the player correlated with an increase in daily donations. This is not the case anymore. Even though A LOT more users register, the donations did not increase. Quite the opposite actually. And this makes sense if you look at where the registrations come from. As I’ve even heard from some Brazilian players first hand in discord, Brazilians are in a tight spot financially and paypal is a real pain regarding exchange and transaction fees from Brazil to the EU.


I’ll see you next time!

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