Numbers and more Numbers!

It’s always good to know how many people use your application and how they go about using it. After implementing the new user system, I also added some means to log the amount of daily players as well as some statistics regarding local games. Let’s head right into the numbers!

Currently, I only got data on about 10 days, which spans two weekends. Firstly, we got the amount of finished local games in blue versus finished online games in green. And those numbers already surprised me. I didn’t think that so many people would play the local mode (either alone or with family or friends at home). The numbers are almost identical with a slight bias towards online games. On average, people played 999 offline games and 1.117 online games per day. Awesome!

The red line represents the amount of online player connections per day. Those really vary from day to day and peak on Saturdays, which is to be expected, while Friday is also a very strong. The numbers show that most online games during the weekdays hold 2–3 players, while online games towards the weekend are played with a lot more people per game. The more the merrier! On average we got 2.504 player connections per day, while the player numbers currently peak at 3.755 on Saturday the 16th of January 2021.

All numbers show an upwards tendency, which is rather problematic from a performance and financial standpoint. Donations are still coming in strong though, which is a relief. I still have a lot of features planned!

Last but not least, some statistics on the user base. As you might already have seen, I replaced the rough passphrase login with an actual user login. The system is live since the 3rd of January and since then, over 5.000 people registered themselves. I try to map all donations to the user data, which isn’t always possible, but still: 104 of those have the supporter status. Currently, there is no benefit for being a supporter but I’ll find some ways to give a little bit of love back to the community.

The total registrations per day do spread by quite a margin but averages out at 334 new users per day. Welcome everyone :)

I’m currently busy with finishing the curated drop mode to finally get rid of the random street view shenanigans to improve the overall experience for everyone. That might still take some time but progress is being made every day. I’ll keep you posted!




I love creating stuff, which includes art, software, games and music.

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Eduard But

Eduard But

I love creating stuff, which includes art, software, games and music.

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