Regarding Curated Drop Difficulty

I wanted to sum up some conclusions regarding the feedback I got from the release of the new drop system I got during the last week.

Rating and report system

Too easy for seasoned players

Thank you to all of you, who made me aware of this. And, of course, I hear you. I won’t bring the old system back, BUT I’m currently working on a content update, that will introduce more obscure drops to simulate the challenge of the old system while sill avoiding all the drawbacks the random algorithm had (e.g. crappy and biased radius search results, bad quality street view photos, Completely broken drops without means to get rid of them, no community map editor). The great thing is, that it will be possible for you to tweak the chance of obscure vs easy drops to your liking, essentially introducing a difficulty setting this way.

I’m working on the update at the moment with a high priority RIGHT NOW to get this on the road (no pun intended) as soon as possible. For now, all new obscure drops will join the raffle automatically. So keep an eye out for those! As soon as all countries are updated, I will add the difficulty slider for you to tweak the chances to you liking.

This might also lead to yet another update of the drop rating system. But that’s another story!

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