Scientific list of best names

Since geotastic had it’s 50.000th user registration a few days back, I’d like explore some previously unexplored territory… detailed donation data!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Since the release of geotastic (and some additional donations I received for montagsmaler-online) there have been 1.735 transactions towards keeping my service free for everyone and independent of any additional revenue streams like annoying ads. It’s still kinda strange how thinks worked out. I just jumped in head first without really planning anything of this. No idea if it will keep on working out, but it seems fine for now. But alas, you’re not here for that! You’re here for a list of names, the best names!

Disclaimer: Most of my supporters are from Germany, so the list will be heavily biased towards German names.

First names by maximum single donation amounts!

Let’s first check out which names have the tendency to be the most generous!

  1. 50 EUR: Stefan, Daniela, David, Manfred, Philipp, Tony, Lars, Susanne, Jens
  2. 40 EUR: Kelly, Michael
  3. 35 EUR: Martin
  4. 30 EUR: Kai, Johannes, Patrick, Jens
  5. 25 EUR: Fritz, Markus, Viktoria, Kathrin, Joshua, Klaus, Jack, Florian, Andreas
  6. 20 EUR: Jan, Melanie, Steven, Tom, Miriam, Hendrik, Angelina, Janna, Susanne, Samuel, Jonas, Moritz, Jonathan, Benjamin, Stephan, Anne, Ewa, Katharina, John, Isabel, Aoife, Gunnar, Maria, Erwin, Eleonora, Sophia, Marketa, Dimitri, Holger, Viktor, Bennet, Dominik, Tim, Christian

First names by total donation amounts!

  1. 26 Stefans with 238 EUR
  2. 33 Martins with 228 EUR
  3. 26 Michaels with 195 EUR
  4. 35 Christians with 191 EUR
  5. 21 Davids with 187 EUR
  6. 23 Tims with 178 EUR
  7. 31 Tobiases with 177 EUR
  8. 30 Sebastians with 171 EUR
  9. 29 Daniels with 164 EUR
  10. 23 Florians with 162 EUR

What can we learn from that?

Even though there are a lot more people with typically male first names playing and supporting geotastic, this did not prevent people with typically female first names to be just as generous in supporting the game.

The second list could also mean that picking male first names is a lot less creative and diverse process than picking a female name… who knows!

If you want your own first name to rank higher, you know what to do… Just kidding :P

See you next time!

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